Need more Respiratory Therapists to test drive advanced web based graphing software.

Hi all,

We haven’t posted in awhile but I can assure you we have been diligently working on eTrending.

We are currently looking for more Respiratory Therapists and Clinicians to upload overnight oximetry data which they can then analyze and score using our automated graphing tool.

We are still in the process of refining the back end and front end of the software, to make it more efficient and to enable some more advanced tools (i.e. graphs and statistical analysis).

eTrending is currently still in Private Beta, and while we are doing all of this the use of eTrending is completely free. Our next phase of development will lead us into the Beta stage, and then eventually into the Go Live stage. Until we get to the Go Live stage, eTrending and all of its tools will be available free of charge to all users.

Coming in the Beta stage will be some more advanced features to allow collaboration, and shared repositories of studies and patients. It will also provide tools for clinics and hospitals to administrate multiple users and locations.

Until then we’re currently offering single users the ability to create patients and upload their overnight oximetry data pulled from leading medical monitors.

So what are you waiting for … sign up now and take eTrending for a test drive! (we also provide a free sample study so that you can see the capabilities of our web based application.

Until then … happy trending!


Still here …

Hi all,

I realize that it’s been awhile since we’ve given you an update, so here goes …  I think it’s safe to say that things have been … slow recently … hence the slow forward progress … but it’s still progress!

We’re currently in the midst of testing our various account types to ensure that each group has the appropriate access, functions, views, etc. Once that is complete we will officially go into Beta with payment options following in the full release. While in private beta and beta access, uploads, graphing analysis, and all of eTrending’s features will continue to be offered for free – NO CHARGE!

So while things have been admittedly slow … at least they are all moving in the right direction which is to say “forward and onward”.

Thank you to all our current users, I hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of our web based graphing and analysis tool, and to those who still haven’t experienced the benefits of eTrending – What are you waiting for???

Sign up for free today and take it on a test drive!

So until next time … happy trending everyone!

explaining our Twitter account

Hi all,

Recently we’ve had some questions regarding our use of twitter … It seems as though people are confused as to what we’re supposed to be tweeting about.

Some people wanted to know why we don’t just post eTrending news … the simple answer to that is there just isn’t enough exciting news for us at the moment. We do post updates as the software adds new features, etc. but besides that we don’t have something going on every day or week for that matter. That’s why we choose to also post links to articles that we’ve read that day regarding the medical industry, apps, tech, advancements, etc.

Other people wanted to know what we choose to post vs. not post, and in that case I have to say we try and stick to medical related technology. Every now and then though we will post something if it is a tech advancement that we believe is interesting or if we think that it can affect the future development of medical apps in general. For example finding usage stats of the different mobile OS’s is handy for developers so that they know which ones are saturated with apps, its handy for doctors or hospital IT departments who are trying to figure out which handsets to deploy, and so on.

Our twitter account is more or less an amalgamation of all that is going on with eTrending along with interesting/related articles that we read or come across, and believe that others with similar interests might find useful.

In the end everyone is different, and I don’t think there really is a right or wrong way to use twitter … it really comes down to what you want and are willing to share.

I hope that clarifies things.

Until then happy trending!

Still here …

Hi all,

Well … we’re still here. Still plugging away at adding more features to the application.

Unfortunately the account management and user admin functionality is taking longer than we had originally envisioned. While this doesn’t affect or prevent people from using the private beta … we would really like to move on to beta as soon as possible.

However we are not willing to sacrifice quality just for the sake of moving into beta, so while we’re disappointed to have fallen slightly behind, we are committed to ensuring that we provide you with the best quality software possible … even if it is just a beta.

So in the meantime we have no choice but to keep plugging away, and hopefully limit the delay on the next release.

In the meantime we’ll keep updating twitter with news of our developments, along with links to interesting articles related to mobile health, whether that’s medical technical advancements, apps, applications, opinions, etc.

Until then happy trending!

Updates and Future Development

Hi all,

Last week we were able to put up a short video. We haven’t had time to put it on the site this week, and since this is a short week for us up here I have a feeling it won’t get up on the main site until next week.

In the meantime we’ve been busy working on the account, and user administration side of things … we hope to have that up and out by the end of the month, at which point eTrending will officially move into BETA.

Besides that we’ve been busy thinking of the future and considering different ideas for what other features could eventually become a part of the application. While our main goal at the moment is oximetry and all the devices currently used for overnight sleep studies, we do believe that eTrending is a platform. One which can … and will be expanded to eventually include all sorts of devices, allowing for other types of users the ability to take advantage of our powerful cloud-based graphing software,  as well as experiencing the benefits of storing and accessing their information via the cloud.

So while we are currently focused on oximetry we eventually will expand its capabilities to include a variety of devices were the graphing and trending of data would be useful. We just thought it would be a good idea to put it out there, and if anyone has suggestions as to what other devices would be useful we’d love to hear your them.

Until then … happy trending!